Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shadmehr's marriage with mia

Sabab manam ke mishkanam amma harfi nemizanam
age hichkas baram namond vase ine ke sabab manam

Hi there! About shadmehr’s marriage and the answer to this and tens of similar questions in which I received many mails, I just can say one thing that apparently it is true and shadmehr has married with his dancer and now the reason for that from many people’s point of view is that he wanted to be America’s resident and as they say he’s not fallen in love, but now given the existence of a web-log and its internal components we’re badly in doubt and we don’t know which one exactly to believe!!
What’s obvious is that this marriage has happened but what has been the logic behind it, and that is there any kind of firm love in this marriage and many more questions which we can’t give any obvious comment on that! We don’t have any information towards this and so we can’t exactly say the reason behind this decision by shadmehr! Of course we all know that this is shadmehr’s private life and even if we had any information about his marriage we couldn’t do anything, and if now we’re speculating it we do have our own reasons! Because we got tons of requests about that and people were asking what’s the story behind this! (Believe me or not, during one single day I received some 25 E-mails asking: has he ever married? If so who’s his wife? Why has he married to a Christian woman? Or even why he’s married to a dancer? Etc…)
So according to this I saw better to answer to all above questions! Though not on behalf of shadmehr…

Look friends, whatever the reason for his marriage, it doesn’t have anything to do with us! And that when you say why did he turn his back to iran and or he escaped from iran for those reasons it doesn't relate to us,or i better say we ain't the ones to give the answer to that ,because he'd bring up his own (convincing) reasons! And I have to say something right now that in foreign countries it’s not important that what your lovers’ occupation is! (At least that’s how it looks!) Apparently it seems like what matters the most to them is what they have in common, now whether with a dancer or a porn star! What seems confidently true is that he’s surely had his own reasons for this marriage! One of our friends has written that he hadn’t had the right to marry with her, why? B/c shadmehr is the idol for our youth generation!! Yes, I do agree. But nobody can do anything in this case and everyone has the right to decide their own things! We don’t have the right to interfere in his private life and what we can do is just to give our opinions yet in a polite way! Indeed that’s only for ourselves because as it seems shadmehr doesn’t have any time to consider his fans! I just hope for shadmehr, as a popular artist, to be the same person as he was before flying to west!
But apparently his treatment shows the other way, yas and boghz what's the similarities between the two?

of course shadmehr has the right to upgrade his mindset, but as much as it fits him and of course more importantly for shadmehr is the attendance to his fans' opinions!
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